Clubhouse at Rancho Solano offers wedding packages that are completely customizable. 

What are the advantages to Clubhouse at Rancho Solano wedding package options?

  • We truly understand that you have a budget that you need to stick to, therefore all of our packages are completely customizable in order for you to stay within that budget. There is never a need to mortgage your marriage to have your wedding with Clubhouse at Rancho Solano.
  • Your unique dream wedding will come to life with the help of our wedding coordinating professionals. Clubhouse at Rancho Solano will help you with every detail of choosing your theme, design details, menu choices, cake design… you name it! 
  • Our experienced wedding coordinating professionals are included with every package and are here around the clock to help you throughout the entire planning process.  

For additional information about our wedding packages please visit our Wedding Menus page. 

We would love to meet you to discuss the details of your special day in person! Appointments are available seven days a week. Please give us all call to schedule an appointment or fill out the “Request a Quote” and one of our wedding experts will be in touch within 24 hours.